Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Netflix Rant

Hi guys! How're you doing? I'm happy and angry. I'll explain why in a second. It's raining today and I hadn't brought an umbrella with me to uni so I ended up soaked. That's not the reason I'm angry (an umbrella would have been nice, though.) Stick with me if you want to know why.

I'll first tell you why I'm happy. I got home today and found that my Goodreads' giveaway package had finally arrived! After a month and a half of waiting, the glorious book was waiting for me on the table. It's as gorgeous as I thought it was. It's the first time I have ever won anything, so I was quite stoked when I got the email. That's not the best part, though. Hannah Ellis, the author, is the loveliest person ever. Not only did we get to talk a bit through emails and messages, she also had the gesture of signing the book and attaching a sweet letter. I'll leave pics below! So, Hannah, if by any chance you're reading this, THANK YOU!

 Okay, enough mystery. You probably haven't bothered reading my about page, but I'm currently half-way through my Public and Literary Translation degree at university. And, not to brag, but I consider myself a pretty good translator. I found out a month ago about a Netflix subtitling test through a professor. She translates for them and suggested we did the test because they were looking for translators. A couple of my friends and I did it. I found it a bit hard but thought that I had done pretty good overall. I got my test results today, later than when they were supposed to arrive. I failed it. That's not the reason I'm angry, though. I can accept I'm not good enough. My problem is that all I got was a "failed" on the results. No explanation of what my mistakes were and no score. How am I supposed to learn and avoid them if I don't know what I did wrong? From what I've heard, the system got saturated, but that's not our problem. They should have known and prepared some type of filter to reduce the amount of applicants. I don't know if my test was actually that bad or if they just hired the first applicants that passed it. I sent them an email to see if they can tell me something about my test. Guess I'll have to wait and see. 

Update: They uploaded the scores. I got a 64%. From what I've seen on Twitter, you needed an 85% to pass. So, I was quite far. I also received an answer to my email and they said they only shared the scores and not your mistakes. So I have no idea what I did wrong. 

Thanks for standing my rant, guys. I'll update if I get an answer.

Isn't Hannah the sweetest? Have any of you done the Netflix test? Let me know!

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