Saturday, April 15, 2017

3 Book Wishes

This is one of those days in which I don't know what to post. I have tons of ideas but I don't like any of them. #HardLife
Luckily, an angel posted some pretty good post ideas. Hence, this post. 

I present you: the Book Genie. He/She will grant us 3 book related wishes. No, you can't ask for 3 more wishes, you sneaky little... lovely person.

Here we go!

Wish number 1

Wow, this is harder than I expected. I have been staring at the screen for 10 minutes.

I've finally made up my mind. My first wish is to have all my book boyfriends come to life. What? No one said they should be realistic wishes. Yes, I'm basic like that. Of course, with this I also want them to be in contact with me. What would be the point of this wish if I didn't get to talk to them and potentially marry one? Wouldn't you want to have your all-time favorite male character as your bestie? I know I would.

Wish number 2

My next wish is for printers to start using wood-free paper. I did some research on this subject and it's possible. Let's be real here, physical copies will never go out of print, ebooks will never replace them. So, why don't we find a way to not harm trees (which take a really long time to grow back) and use some invasive plants instead. Here's some more info about it.

Wish number 3

World peace. Okay, this is not book related. How about: I want every author, reader, publisher, etc. to achieve what they're aiming for. Are you an author looking forward to self-publish a book? You got it. Are you a reader who wants to see more Danish main characters? You got it. I guess I would be granting other people some wishes. I'm so nice (not really.) As long as you're not hurting anyone else, I want everyone to get what they dream of. 

Well, that ended on a bright note. It's a lot more inspiring than I thought it would be.

All-right, see ya later!

What would you wish for? And, what do you think the genie would look like? I'm thinking of Whoopi Goldberg. Let me know!

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