Thursday, May 11, 2017

Reader Habits Tag

Hey, what's up, guys? Only one more day till the weekend. How great is that? Anyway, since I've done 2 Book Traveling Thursdays in a row, I thought I'd do a book tag to mix it up. Hence the Reader Habits Tag. 

It's pretty straightforward, all you have to do is talk about 10 of your reader habits. Then you have to select 3 of your habits so the people you tag can discuss if they agree with them. You have to do the same with the 3 habits of the person you were tagged by.

Since I wasn't tagged by anyone (sad face), I'll discuss the 3 habits picked by BlogALaLuzDeLasVelas, which is where I saw the tag.

Many, in fact.

Let's get to the habits!

1) I can't read on cars or buses. I get really sick with that sort of movement. Especially if the drivers tend to slow down abruptly. I can only read on the subway or train.

2) I hate it when people highlight or mark books permanently. If there's a quote I like, I underline it with a pencil or use post-its. Please don't harm books in front of me or I will have to act violently.

3) Although I love having physical copies, I find it easier to read e-books. I usually read them much faster too. 

4) I collect bookmarks even if I always use the same ones. Don't judge me.

5) I only use proper bookmarks in books. No tissues, random papers, or candy wrappers. If I don't have one near me, then I just remember the page.

6) I like to finish the chapter before putting the book down. I can't seem to leave it on random pages. I swear I'm not obsessive.

7) I always have a hard time reading the last book in a series. My brain is subconsciously begging for a series to not be over. This is why there are plenty of trilogies/series I haven't finished yet.

8) I tend to only buy books I have already read. This way I make sure I love it and it won't be taking up space. I have a few exceptions lying around my bookshelf, though.

9) I like to read at night so I can daydream about the story and characters before going to sleep. I may also imagine I'm the main character, especially if there are interesting male characters involved. You didn't hear this from me, okay?

10) I don't like to take my books with me anywhere for fear I might lose or damage them.

Those are my habits.

Now the 3 habits from the other blog:

-She doesn't deem important to have a big collection of books.
I don't have gigantic bookshelves, I have a pretty small one. And my collection of books is really tiny. As much as I would like to say I don't find this important, I do. I would love to have a room full of books. That's the main reason I want to be successful or marry a rich guy. Whichever happens first. Jk. 
-She asks people to add a dedication to the books she receives as gifts.
I find it lovely when people do this. It adds a special sentimental value to the book. However, I would never ask someone to write something. I think it's much better if the gesture comes from them.
-She likes to picture the type of situations and characters that will appear in the book she's reading.
I'm not a person who really slows down to analyze every single thing that's going on. And I definitely don't stop to think what will come next. I do, however, notice certain things while I'm reading and think about how they will or could come into play later.

Well, that was fun! I even had to narrow down my habits. We're a bunch of weirdos.

See you next time!

How many habits do you have? Do you agree with any of mine? Let me know!

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